Joko Anwar

by Putra Muskita

Beware: Anything posted on Twitter spreads like wildfire. Well, most of us already know that, but poor Joko Anwar learnt it the hard way.

Anwar is an Indonesian filmmaker with a couple films under his belt. He directed Janji Joni and wrote the award winning Arisan, and recently, Pintu Terlarang – movies for the indie set. With 3,000+ followers on Twitter, he’s just your average D-class celebrity.

On that fateful night on 22 September 2009, @JokoAnwar tweeted at 1:56pm his 1,800 followers.

“If I got my 3000th follower today, I’ll go into a Circle K naked.”

In an hour, he reached 3000 followers. By the end of the night he had 20,000 and counting. Anwar even made the trending topics! Though, of course, it incited more tweets about who is Joko Anwar from bewildered tweeps.

Tifatul Sembiring

The real issue here is whether he would actually keep to his promise. It’s very easy to dismiss the tweet as a joke, or to assume that April Fool’s came 9 months early. One important was at stake: his integrity in the eyes of his 20,000 newfound followers. At the last count, his followers stands at 39,260 exceeding Minister of Communication and IT, Tifatul Sembiring (@tifsembiring) at 28,109 but still falls short of blogger Raditya Dika (@Radityadika) 155,421 followers. Indie movies already earn less than your typical star-studded chicklit-turned-romantic-comedy. What would Joko do with his newfound popularity?

He did it!

Joko Anwar kept to his honorable word: he went to the Circle K outlet in, yes, his birthday suit. He wasn’t alone, though; his friends were there to give moral support, gingerly holding his underpants, and tweeted updates to calm the restless masses. They documented the dastardly deed with a photograph: a searing image of a half naked Anwar standing next to a rack of potato chips. Humbling indeed.

For those expecting pornography, they were surely disappointed. But you can’t argue that Joko Anwar has balls. Pun intended.

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