See Miss Indonesia Universe Qory Sandioriva’s Interview Transcript

Written by Putra Muskita

Transcript provided by Raisa Tanawi

Qory Sandioriva

Qory Sandioriva

After Miss Indonesia Karenina Sunny Halim caused an uproar among Indonesians for requiring a translator to understand Indonesian, came her polar opposite: Puteri Indonesia Qory Sandioriva, who continued 2005’s Nadine Chandrawinata’s notoriety for, well, less-than-fluent English. Below is a transcript of her official Miss Universe interview, or watch it here. Leave your comments in the boxes below.

1. Being a woman, what piece of advice would you give to a man?

I think that when you down, your woman can make you up. And I think that, woman can be said that I have to advice for you that ummm…. if you way up, you have to be nice to people include women. So that when you down, women can be nice with you….

2. What is the best .gift you have ever received?

The best gift somebody ever given to me is the one box but the tartars is not look good or beautiful but it’s have a sounds, a beautiful sounds that makes me love the music, I love the music now. Now, I’m a singer and I’m study at singer for jazz, for classical and of course for pop. That is makes me know what I want to do. That makes me know what I love it. That makes me know what jobs or what kind of activities that I love it.

3. What is the worst date you have ever been on?

In one restaurant, and that is the date that I know he was a playboy. So he have three girlfriends, including me (at first I thought she said “and doing me” for ‘including me’), but before that I know that they have more than one-hundred girlfriends. It’s very bad, but I know the good is now he always care for me and can be a best friend for me. He always protect me, please Qory don’t like me, don’t same like me, you are a nice girl, so he never touch me, you know like a playboy, but umm, he always make me comfortable in inside her and yeah, it’s a very, very bad, bad date, but he inspiring me to be a tough woman.

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