Master Numbers Therapist Gracy Yap kindly shared her knowledge in this special low-down on how the power of numbers can be used to know your personality, your love life, and even worldwide events. Elizabeth Raisa Tanawi searches for the truth.

Written by Elizabeth Raisa Tanawi

You might think the numbers one-two-three are just as simple as one apple, two apples, and three put together; but no, you’re wrong. Numbers are so much more than mere quantifiers; it goes way back, and has more depth than what it seems to normal people like us.

Numbers, when read, is called Numerology. According to Master Numbers Therapist Gracy Yap, it is “the science of numbers, and can be used as a practical self-help tool. It offers guidance on your choice of vocation, romantic and business partners, fame and fortune, in fact, all situations.” The foundation for numbers reading is from Pythagoras, who is labeled as the Father of Modern Numerology. Remember the triangle theorem?

The Pythagoran Theorem. Just like high school.

Yep, that’s the man.

Now, you’d think that this topic is utterly ridiculous, or maybe, highly appealing?

It’s one broad subject and there are numerous books on numerology to guide readers in finding their own numbers and thus unlock limitless doors of knowledge. It’s like our own Da Vinci Code adventure: unlocking secrets within, whether it’s for your own personality or even an event that’s going to happen (like whether your school soccer tournament will get hampered by rain).

Let’s be honest: I’m sure you’ve tried that Love Meter Calculator in Facebook? It might seem illogical but don’t you always squeal with glee when the Love Meter Calculator give you a 99%, even 100% perfect match with your crush’s name, and put on a disappointed look when the results are just 13% or lower? The theory is not wrong; it is practically right, but not necessarily precise! This is just another one example of the countless ways we use numerology in life.

Well, without further ado, let’s start to decode our own destiny! Believe it or not, our birthdate, like our horoscope, also defines our personality, our strengths and weaknesses, simply by adding them all together.

For example, if you’re born on the 1st, you’re a Number 1! If you’re born on a 14th, then you’re a Number 5 (1+4). Exceptions for those born on the 11th and 22nd: you don’t have to add up and reduce to a single digit as you are a Master Number! (More on this later.)

Now for you all, have you gotten your number? It’s easy, simple math and do remember – this is your lucky number as well as your Life Path Number, another equation by adding up all your birthday numbers.

For example, the Life Path Number of a person who was born on 15 May 1990 should be: 1+ 5 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 0 = 3.

A person born on the 15th and the above Life Path Number is both a 6 and 3. You could read both personality number archetypes and see which actually fits you better, but in the longer term the usage of these numbers are different. Numerology is as deep as Pythagoras’ drifting mind, it could take you a million light years to get to the bottom of everything! Nonetheless, the number crash course is as easy as:

1: Add your number.

2: Keep and remember your number.

3: Read your personality!

And here’s a glimpse of each number’s personality!

Number 1 – The Boss

This number represents the Sun, the shiniest star in the universe. It’s the Source of all life and the beginning, which is perhaps why regardless of males or females, number 1 is puffed up with self-importance and thinks that the world should revolve around them! This attitude makes 1 a born leader, self-centered, independent, confident, obstinate, original, ambitious, opinionated, strong and success-oriented.
Strengths: individualistic, ambitious, creative with words and ideas, determined, inventive, unconventional.
Weaknesses: stubborn, domineering, proud, boastful, aloof, egotistical.
Lucky colors: gold, brown, yellow, bronze.

Number 2 – The Steadfast Diplomat

They’re the most gentle of all the numbers. Behind every successful guy/girl is a 2: the power behind the throne. Something like your right-hand, 2s live to please. They are kind and nurturing, and tend to subordinate their interests to others’ wimps and fancies. They’re harmonious, gentle, compliant, kind, imaginative, artistic and loving. Being ruled by the moon, they tend to have mood swings and are despondent when negative.
Strengths: Tolerant, co-operative, peaceful, quiet, considerate, reliable, understanding, diplomatic.
Weaknesses: Shy, moody, slow, unsettled, oversensitive, easily hurt.
Lucky colors: green, white, cream.

Number 3 – The Flashy Flirt

Fun and sunny, 3s ooze charm and are often endowed with attractiveness. Ms/Mr Popular is their middle name and they waltz through life with a wide circle of friends. They love living on the edge. Many writers, actors, artists, designers, PRs and advertising professionals are born a 3. Although 3s have a happy-go-lucky facade, they are ambitious individuals inside. They excel in commanding and controlling, making them rise to very high ranks in life generally.
Strengths: expressive, popular, passionate, talented, exciting, optimistic, friendly, witty, interesting.
Weaknesses: vain, gaudy, fickle, spendthrift, critical, domineering, natural flirt, unfocused.
Lucky colors: mauve, purple, blue, crimson, pink.

Number 4 – The Rebel with a Cause

A plodder, builder and an efficient manager, this one is a practical and reliable person and partner. 4s are seldom as materially successful as 1, 3 or 8, and they are also resigned to this fate. However they are steady, grounded and good planners with an eye for detail. Their personalities are as solid as a rock and they are workaholics. Enjoy working late night hours? Then it’s no wonder!
Strengths: practical, detailed, sturdy, reliable, neat, steady, punctual, honest, trustworthy.
Weaknesses: defensive, dull, unimaginative, argumentative, lonely, high strung, over sensitive.
Lucky colors: grey, half-shades, electric colors.

Number 5 – The Glib-Tongued Nymph

5 personalities are quick thinking and .gifted communicators and make excellent salesmen, public speakers, lawyers, etc. They have the luck of friends too. They make money with their .gift of the gab. But just as easily as they make money, they splurge too. They’re really good in selling themselves and can talk their way out of any sticky situations. They’re the most dynamic personality being born with ruling planet Mercury!
Strengths: persuasive, adventurous, adaptable, bright, witty, exciting, energetic, courageous.
Weaknesses: impulsive, moody, critical, lacks self-control, fickle, unreliable.
Lucky colors: White, silver, shimmering colors.

Number 6 – The Loving Mentor

Venus makes the number 6 romantic, vain, and a worshipper of all things beautiful. (or I guess, all things girly and cute for girls?) 6 personalities are charismatic people and attract more friends (and admirers) than any other number, with the exception of communicative 5 (let there be planet shake! Tee-hee). Often, they’re practitioners of the arts, being gorgeous, charming and creative.
Strengths: mother/father figure, charming, empathetic, sacrificial, nurturing, responsible.
Weaknesses: vain, meddlesome, extravagant, worrier.
Lucky colors: blue, rose pink.

Number 7 – The Smart and Sensitive

People born with this number often make prolific writers, painters, poets or religious scholars. This is the sensitive new-age guy or girl whose secret ambition is to be a monk, nun, or priest because he/she is born to be a seeker of Truth. Hmm, let’s touch on that; in this millennium age, you 7s might protest: “Oh, of course I don’t want to live life that quietly!”, but the part where you’re questioning all things in life is exactly the 7 behavior. 7s are thinkers, philosophers, quiet, smart, and a walking encyclopedia of knowledge.
Strengths: reserved, reflective, focused, thinker, wise, intellectual, analytical.
Weaknesses: lonely, critical, depressed, moody, shy, slow, cold, withdrawn, standoffish.
Lucky colors: white, yellow, green. Avoid any dark shades!

Number 8 – The Material Girl/Boy

The number 8 is a strange number to explain. The figure resembles an infinity symbol and represents both the material and spiritual worlds. 8 personalities are obsessed with money and power, and have a commanding presence. They’re good with people and money, and spend grandiose sums on business expenses or the high life. But they’re called Children of Fate: they can either be great successes or failures, so you have to keep that balance well, 8s!
Strengths: powerful, money-conscious, generous, ambitious, understanding, good planner.
Weaknesses: egoistical, vain, dictatorial, stubborn, always insists on being right.
Lucky colors: purple, grey, black.

Number 9 – The Compassionate Die-Hard Romantic

This is the drama king and queen who expect a red carpet welcome everytime! When they are not performing, the 9 personalities is the most humanitarian of all numbers. They are compassionate and willing to sacrifice without expecting any reward in return. They’re similar to the 7s who are spiritual and volunteer at charity organizations. They are the fire sign ruled by the planet Mars, fighters all their lives. 9s usually experience rough times growing up but generally lead successful lives in the end because they’re strong, courageous and determined.
Strengths: giving, caring, sharing, loving, bold, adventurous, inspirational leader, creative, passionate.
Weaknesses: aloof, impulsive, quick tempered, impatient, overly judgmental, clumsy.
Lucky colors: red, rose pink.

And now, to the Master Numbers!

Number 11 – The Intuitive Idealist

Look at how the 11 is written: it’s as if the number 11 is a channel for supernatural information and revelations from the heavenly realm! Which is why the calling of an 11 is to be a Light worker. Although it’s hard to understand, generally they’re born clairvoyant and zaps you with his or her psychic visions or symbolic dreams like in the TV cult series “Charmed.” Sometimes an unaware 11 cannot contain these energetic vibrations and feels afraid or ungrounded. People with 11 as their number have the makings of a political leader, psychic healer, lobbyist, pioneer, inventor or CEO.
Strengths: magnetic, idealistic, inventive, visionary.

Number 22 – The Ambitious Visionary

22s dream in a big way. They have big-time plans that they nurture, as well as a long-term vision, ambition and drive to succeed. This number is the “Master Builder” and capable of building an empire and fulfilling mega plans. But only if this one is not afraid of his/her own appetite of success and refuses to be shaken in his/her self-belief. There’s great things in store for you, dear 22, in your much later years as success for you arrives rather late in life, unless otherwise determined by the karmic blueprint of your name. The 22 personalities is inclined to big waves of emotion, as 2 represents the moon, and 22 doubles the power. You tend to have lots of mood swings, so be careful to control it a bit! PS: You have the same number like Mr Bill Gates!
Strengths: magnetic, very powerful, visionary, precise, systematic, analytical, domineering.

"Finding and Keeping Your Crush!", by Gracy Yap.

That’s just a whole sneak peek into a whole new world you’ve never even thought of delving into before. Gracy Yap has truly enlightened me on this topic, making it very interesting. I sound like a 7 now even though I’m actually born a number 1. If you guys are interested in finding what your romantic destiny is and how compatible you are with your current flame/crush, check out her book “Finding And Keeping Your Crush!” in Kinokuniya, MPH, Popular and other leading bookstores.

As for now, have fun deciphering your destiny!

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